Clark Vertex 2 Person Hammock Review


A fantastic piece of equipment, but needs improvements

Vertex HammockThe Vertex 2 person hammock is an extremely comfortable midweight hammock.  With the capacity of 300lbs per person and 150lbs for storage the Vertex hammock is a great addition to have to your gear list.

This review was conducted by myself and a friend while on a 16 day trip sea kayaking in Prince William Sound Alaska.  During this time the Hammock was slept in a total of 14 nights in varying setups, some better than others.  While the weather was Sunny and clear for most of the review it did rain consistently for 36 hours in one stretch and off and on an additional ~24 hours.

This review will consist of 5 sections.


  1. Ordering/Shipping and First Impressions

  2. Setup and Adjustment

  3. Sleep and Comfort

  4. Ease of Use

  5. Overall Thoughts


About the reviewer.
I have been backpacking and camping in Colorado for over a decade and sea kayaking in Alaska for 4 years.  I am new to the Hammock camping experience but have years of experience with ropes, knots, and the like.  There are portions of this review that maybe would differ depending on my experience, updates will call any such sections out in time.