Byer Trilite Folding Stool

The worst camping chair I've ever bought, twice

Byer ChairThe Byer Trilite camping chair/stool is a very lightweight collapsible camping chair.  It offers a cloth seat, three leg support, and a "Web Foot" to allow to sit in sandy places easily.

This review was conducted by myself 16 day trip sea kayaking in Prince William Sound Alaska.  During this time I used the chair primarily for sitting around the stove (which means leaning forward) and around the bug shelter.  It was also used as "The Shitting Chair" which, as you can imagine, is much preferable to hanging your ass over a wet log.

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  1. Use and Overall Thoughts


About the reviewer.
I have been backpacking and camping in Colorado for over a decade and sea kayaking in Alaska for 4 years.  I purchased one of these chairs a few years ago and was satisfied by it's design until late one night while out backpacking I go to sit in the chair and the center hub which holds everything together (made of plastic of course) literally disintegrated under the load.  I was VERY lucky as on of the metal pipes of the chair narrowly missed jabbing in the ass or leg and my body fell onto the mangled used to be chair.

Use and Overall Impressions


The  chair was very easy to pack around due to it's very small size.  but almost immediately the issue with the design became apparent.  When you would sit in the chair it had the tendency to pop into a position that was not inline with itself.  You can see this in the below pictures.  Then this would happen the chair would not feel comfortable and you would have to stand, and re-align both sides.  Then you could sit down again, but if you moved in any way the chair would again pop out of alignment.

the  reason behind this I believe is that the manufacturing of the two rods that form the seats edges was poor.  It seemed to me that one or both of the rods had a sligth taper to them so when you sat the chair naturally wanted to go out of alignment.  Because of this flaw it was impossible for me to fix in the field.  I ended up sitting in my buddies $20 Cabelas camping chair for most of the trip.

At the end of the trip I left this piece of shit chair so that someone could find a use for it.  It really worked quite well to shit off of (due to your bum hanging over the back changing the center of gravity and other science based things!)


Overall Rating: 1 out of 5

Made improperly and would not stay aligned